Daily Meditations


1. Every generation offers hymns, O Virgin, to honor your entombment

2. Come with all creation to sing the hymns of parting as you are raised, O Virgin.

3. Disciples of my Lord Christ, arrive to tend the body of my God’s purest Mother.

4. Invisibly attending, the archangels and angels in ranks sing hymns to praise you.

5. The women high in honor along with the apostles are crying out and weeping.

6. O Virgin never-wedded, the Mother of the Most High, how shall we bear this passion?

7. The time of your departing holds joy for all creation, but leaves us weeping, mournful.

8. O Mother, do not leave us behind you now as orphans, without your love and caring.

9. Our Light are you, O Virgin, how then shall we bear this: no more to see your sweet eyes?

10. Alas! Your lips which loved God and ever spoke about Him have now been bound by silence.

11. “We shall not abandon the Mother of our Teacher!” the Lord’s apostles cried out.

12. On up-borne clouds, O Virgin, again we go before you unto the gates of Heaven.

13. The holy staff is laid down inside the tomb and hidden and from it Life has blossomed.

14. By giving birth she raised up the dead from their entombment, and yet, she lies entombed now.

15. “Where, Virgin, are you going?” her loved one and defender calls out as Son to Mother.

16. You, who are God’s Mother with joyful heart now enter into your Son’s glad presence.

17. Called with the apostles are you again attending the wedding feast at Cana?

18. Take me, your child, O Virgin today as you are raised up to be with your divine Son.

19. To Heaven you are taken, and with your Son are living: Let me be also taken.

20. Together in the Heavens, may we now stand in glory who at your cross in pain stood.

21. Gethsemane, be joyful! Great hosts endowed with reason descend now with the Master.

22. Be jubilant, be joyful, O Chorus of Disciples, Behold the Lord in glory!

23. Once more is God descending! Today let all creation beholding Him make merry.

24. Let us go forth, O people, in haste to greet the Lord, who is once again descending.

25. This day we may we all listen to God as He is speaking with His all-spotless Mother.

26. Come now, sweetest Mother, and enter with rejoicing your sweetest Son’s glad presence.

27. Let your eyes behold now your Son who comes to take you unto His own, O Mother.

28. “I come to see the glory of my Mother shining before my Father’s glory.”

29. “My God,” avows your Mother, “I glorify your mercy, and utter loving kindness.”

30. “I glorify you, kneeling bowed down, my Son, in worship of your majestic glory.”

31. Since You, who are the nearest to me, from earth have risen unto my Father draw near.

32. Enclosed are you, O Garden, in which we will discover The Tree of Life Unending.

33. Sealed are you, O Fountain, from which the streams of life pour most wondrously with sweetness.

34. “My lips shall sing the praises of your divine dominion My son and sovereign Godhead.”

Glory to the Father and the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

35. My God, who are three persons, Father, Son, and Spirit, on all the world have mercy!

Both now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

36. Deem your servants worthy to enter in the Kingdom that is your Son’s, O Virgin.

(Repeat Verse One)

Every generation offers hymns, O Virgin, to honor your entombment.

~From the translation by Nancy Chalker Takis, www.newbyz.org; (http://www.newbyz.org/dormitionlamentations.pdf)