The Cathedral warmly welcomes individuals to explore the richness of Orthodoxy and to consider its applicability to their own lives. We would recommend the following as you explore our faith and its traditions.

Join us for Our Sunday Liturgy

Our services start at 10am on Sundays and are followed by fellowship in the Church Hall.

Contact your parish priest at Saint Sophia Cathedral: 202-333-4730

Set up a time to speak personally about your journey to faith.

A personal catechism and teaching course will be determined between you and the priest.


Chrismation into the Orthodox Faith

  • If you are not coming from a Christian background then a Baptism will occur before the Chrismation.
  • Confession of Faith


Intro to Orthodoxy CDs – Led by Father John Tavlarides, the Inquiry into Orthodoxy class consists of twenty CDs that provide a wonderful overview of the Orthodox faith and its traditions.

“The Orthodox Church,” by Timothy (Kallistos) Ware.

“The Orthodox Way,” by Timothy (Kallistos) Ware.

“Bread & Water, Wine & Oil: An Orthodox Christian Experience of God,” by Father Meletios Webber