Stewardship Dues

To make the stewardship payment process easier, we have a program called Faith Direct, which allows you to pay your stewardship monthly via direct debit, or by charging a credit card. Enrolling in Faith Direct is easy.  You may use the downloadable form, or call Faith Direct directly (866-507-8757), or visit their website.  To enroll online you’ll need our parish code, which is DC408. Once enrolled, you can make changes to your payments or payment method at any time.  It’s simple, secure and free. Of course, should you choose not to enroll in Faith Direct, you may continue to remit your stewardship via payments directly to the Cathedral office.

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Parish Council Elections — Make Sure You’re a Member in Good Standing (STEWARDSHIP APPLICATION)

The Parish Council elections are held every December of each year in Cathedral auditorium after Divine Liturgy.  Cathedral members in good standing are eligible to vote –Please check the stewardship list to make sure your dues are paid.  If not, please contact the Cathedral office to make your stewardship contribution or visit the Stewardship Corner in the Auditorium.