The Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) of Saint Sophia Cathedral is an extension of the community’s hallmark Sunday school program and provides the cathedral’s youth opportunities to volunteer, engage in enterprising activities, make lifelong friendships and express their Faith. With guidance from the GOYA advisor and faithful parents, GOYA officers learn to express their faith through a variety of “hands on” activities, including activity planning, group leadership, and financial planning. GOYA is officially licensed to provide community service hours in Maryland, DC and Virginia. All children who attend Saint Sophia Sunday School ages 13 – 18 are members of GOYA.

GOYA Board

President: TBA
Vice President: TBA
Secretary: TBA
Historian/Social Media: TBA
Treasurer: TBA

Youth Director

Effie Frankowski


Stephanie Stratos


Sunday School Resources

Link to our classroom’s resources on the Saint Sophia website: 

Annual Activities

Thanks to the support from our parents, priests and community, the GOYA has been able to participate in the following activities:


Every other month, the GOYA holds a full-member meeting to discuss recently completed activities and discuss plans for upcoming events and activities.

Saint Sophia’s Basketball Tournament Program Book

The GOYA members collect donations and advertisements to support the basketball tournament and raise funds for charity and future events

Annual Trip

Annually, the GOYA organizes a group trip to one of the local theme parks for a fun excursion with their fellow GOYAns.

Car Washes, Bake Sales, and More

Through a variety of innovative activities, the GOYA works together to raise money for local charities and for church projects, including new robes for the altar boys and the Frosene educational building.


  • Teenagers are encouraged to help JOY and Little Angels with their events as a wonderful way to participate in church events.
  • All GOYAN’s are welcome to attend the Saturday night dances held at basketball tournaments regardless of whether they play basketball.
  • Volunteer work performed through the GOYA is eligible for community service hour credit.



(All classes will resume Sunday, September 26th with in-person instruction).

DIVINE LITURGY will begin at 10:00 AM; All students are asked to participate in the Liturgy with their families and then proceed to their classes AFTER Holy Communion.


2021-2022 Saint Sophia Cathedral
Sunday School Registration
2021-2022 Saint Sophia Cathedral
Sunday School GOYA Membership Application

2021-2022 Saint Sophia Cathedral
GOYA Health and Emergency Form


  • Registering with the GOYA
  • To join the GOYA children must be enrolled in the Cathedral’s Sunday School program. To enroll in the Sunday School program, please contact the Cathedral office at 202-333-4730 or download the Sunday School registration form; Sunday School letter. GOYA REGISTRATION FORM: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!
  • If already enrolled in Sunday School, contact the GOYA by calling the Cathedral office at 202-333-4730 or emailing Stephanie Stratos, Sunday School GOYA Advisor at or call her at (703) 864-1604.