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The Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) of Saint Sophia Cathedral is an extension of the community’s hallmark Sunday school program and provides the cathedral’s youth opportunities to volunteer, engage in enterprising activities, make lifelong friendships and express their Faith. With guidance from the GOYA advisor and faithful parents, GOYA officers learn to express their faith through a variety of “hands on” activities, including activity planning, group leadership, and financial planning. GOYA is officially licensed to provide community service hours in Maryland, DC and Virginia. All children who attend Saint Sophia Sunday School ages 12 – 18 are members of GOYA.


To join GOYA, children must be enrolled in the Cathedral’s Sunday School program. Regular Sunday School attendance is mandatory and required for certain activities. Events are open to all Sunday School students. Registration for GOYA is highly encouraged.

GOYA Leadership Board (2021-2022)

President: Marina Fassolakis
Vice President: Chris Michalopoulos
Representatives: Lexi Walker and Alex Loew

Sunday School Youth Director

Effie Frankowski

GOYA Advisors

Stephanie Stratos

Christina Sardelis

GOYA Treasurer

Stavroula Koutris


DIVINE LITURGY will begin at 10:00 AM; All students are asked to participate in the Liturgy with their families and then proceed to their classes AFTER Holy Communion.


Some of our annual activities:

During the year, different churches in the area throw dances during their basketball tournaments and during special times of the year. GOYANs are encouraged to go to socialize with their peers from other churches and have fun!

Retreats and Bonfires
Every year, the GOYANs have a retreat at a designated location, to discuss spiritual topics in a more intimate and informal setting. We also host bonfire nights at church, complete with smores and hot chocolate.

Through a variety of innovative activities, the GOYA works together to raise money for local charities and for church projects.

Ice Skating

Every year the GOYANs host an ice skating event for the Joy and Little Angel’s kids.


Reunions and Alumni participation

Saint Sophia has a very large, dedicated GOYA alumni program. Many alumni come back to help run GOYA, coach basketball, and later, bring their own kids into the program. We also have a yearly basketball reunion, where about 150 alumni, spanning many decades, get together. GOYA isn’t for just your teenager years, it’s your family for life!


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