Greek Language & Culture


Appreciate the beauty of the Greek language by joining our Greek language school class. Available for both children and adults (4 Years Old to Adult), classes are conveniently held at the Frosene Center.  Fall semester runs September – January and the Spring semester runs January – May. (Note: please see below if you’re interested in registering for our Summer Semester)



Washington, District of Columbia

Children classes begin on Saturday, September 16, 2023.
Day and time: Saturdays
Grades Pre-K-6: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Greek School Fees for School Year 2023-2024, Pre-K-6
Per Student $550.00
Virtual Group Class  $350.00

To qualify for the Saint Sophia “steward/members in good standing” tuition, families must remit at least 75% of their 2021 stewardship by registration and 100% of their stewardship for all previous years. For new members of Saint Sophia, 75% of the stewardship must be paid by registration time in order to qualify for the “member in good standing” tuition rate. The ministries of Saint Sophia, including the Greek School, are supported by the membership and stewardship dues of the parishioners of Saint Sophia. On registration day, the chair of the Membership Committee will be available to answer all questions and verify membership. Registration form and additional information can be found below.

Receipt of payment for classes must be made in full by the first day of classes, September 16, 2023. Payment arrangements can be made as long as a down payment is made by the first class.

Adult Education Classes start: Saturday, September 16, 2023 (ONLINE ONLY).

Beginners ONE: 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Beginners TWO: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Intermediate/Advanced: 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.


Location: Saint Sophia Cathedral / Frosene Education Center, 36th Street and Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20007 (ONLINE ONLY)




One Course (Per Semester) $350.00
One Course (Two Semesters) $600.00

Online Lessons

One on One Session with Greek Language Instructor for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced 

5 Sessions $200.00
10 Sessions $350.00
15 Sessions $500.00
20 Sessions $700.00

Additional Considerations

BRING YOUR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL ON TIME. Our time with your children is limited, and therefore precious. Late arrivals are disruptive to the class and are disrespectful to the instructors. Our teachers begin each class with a warm-up and set the agenda for the day. Please have your child in the classroom five minutes before the start of class. This will allow your child to settle in. Students who arrive late must report to the Director who will escort them to class. Unless a teacher is notified of special circumstances in advance, students arriving to school ten minutes after the commencement of class will be marked absent, and shall remain with their parents outside the school and enter the classroom during break. Repeated absences from Greek School without proper explanation may result in the student not being promoted to the next grade level.

SCHOOL DISCIPLINE. It is the expectation of all staff, parents and students that the classroom be a safe environment for learning. Students are not allowed to fight, misbehave in class, or show disrespect toward the teachers or other students. Students who engage in such conduct will receive a verbal warning, and their parents will be notified verbally and in writing. After the first notification, students will be suspended for repeated misconduct. The Director, teacher, and the Parish Council Liaison will meet with parents to review the possible expulsion from the Greek School program.

PICK UP YOUR CHILDREN AT DISMISSAL TIME. Parents will be charged $5 for every 5 minutes parents are late. Our staff has other commitments after the duty day; let’s respect that. This fee must be paid prior to the following week’s school session.

SPEAK GREEK AT HOME. Speaking Greek at home reinforces what is taught at school. Ask your children to share with you what they learned in class that day. Use this vocabulary during the week.

MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD COMPLETES THE HOMEWORK. Homework is an important tool in reinforcing the lesson. Studies show that students who review their work from school do far better than those who do not. If you do not understand the homework assignment, please email or call the teacher.

COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER. It is important to be involved with your child’s progress. Teachers will provide their email address on the first day of school. If you have concerns, please let the teacher know. If your child needs to have special seating arrangements, contact the teacher. We want to make learning Greek as a second language enjoyable for the child. We are here to help navigate this experience with you.

SNOW DAYS/SCHOOL CLOSINGS. In the event of schools closing or afternoon activities are cancelled due to inclement weather, the Saint Sophia Greek Schools will follow Montgomery County Public School protocol. Please listen to your radio for updates or visit our website.

SUPPORT THE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES. We welcome parental involvement in our Greek School program. During the special Greek School celebrations, we will ask you to volunteer. Please do so. We know we can always count on our parents to stay involved.

We thank you for your support.


Adult Greek Education
Greek School Coordinator Emeritus: Dr. Andriana Kalapothakos

Youth Greek Education
Administrator: Alexios Kotsifakos

Please email us at

Registration (for all schools)

Register online at or in person on the first of classes starting at 10:00 a.m. September 17, 2022.

For more information please call the Cathedral office at 202-333-4730 or email us at

***For Payments Online:
Please submit the registration forms with receipt of payment to Pete Panagiotopoulos on the first day of each semester  Click Here to pay online.