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Daily Prayers


Prayer is an intimate part of the Orthodox faith as it allows us to step away from our daily occupations to commune with Christ, our lord. Below please find a selection of daily prayers and, for more information, please go to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s online chapel.

Daily Prayers For Orthodox Christians

The Synekdemos

Edited by N. Michael Vaporis
In memory of Gregory (Tavlarides) Taylor

The need for a bilingual edition of the Synekdemos, the very popular prayer book of the Orthodox Church, has been present for a long time among Greek Orthodox Christians. Unfortunately for the translator/editor, the Synekdemos contains some 1300 pages of text in the original Greek, making the publication of a bilingual volume of the entire book a cumbersome task.

The present volume is much more modest. It contains only the first part of the Synekdemos, that is, the prayers and services used by Orthodox Christians on a daily basis. I hope that despite this limitation the book proves useful for those who wish an English translation of the daily prayers and services but would also like to have the original Greek text on the facing pages.

I owe special thanks to Father Peter Chamberas for reviewing the entire volume and offering many valuable suggestions. Thanks are due to the translation committee of the faculty of Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek School of Theology whose English translation of the Creed is used here. I am also indebted to Fathers Thomas FitzGerald and George Papademetriou, Professor Ioanna Buttlar Clarke, Miss Georgia Stathopoulou, and Miss Eleni Baker for their invaluable suggestions and assistance. Any imperfections are, of course, my own.

Father N. Michael Vaporis

(Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America)