Dearest Steward of Saint Sophia Cathedral,

During the early centuries of the Church, local churches were organized with the goal to impact the local community by bringing the Gospel to it.  Everyone in the geographical area would be the focus of the local church’s mission.  Today, of course, things have radically changed, especially with social media, website, mobile, Internet and TV. Today, Church often happens outside the walls of the sanctuary, and churches must adapt and take ministry to the people. Truly, the way believers want, and need, to connect with their churches has expanded beyond the traditional.

“Now you are the Body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” ~ 1 Corinthians 12:2

The present COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis could not possibly be a more perfect example of this reality. In response, Saint Sophia Cathedral is pleased to announce (in addition to in-person services), the introduction of LIVE BROADCAST STREAMING. And so, in order to communicate quickly and directly to you, our devout Saint Sophia faithful, we ask you to:

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Subscribe to our Saint Sophia Live Channel (click the bell symbol to turn on “Notifications)
  3. Subscribe to our Saint Sophia Bulletin for Special Announcements
  4. Stewardship Application
  5. Sign-Up for Faith Direct, Church ID: DC408
  6. Light a Virtual Candle and Contribute to a Virtual Tray
  7. Light a Virtual “Kandili” (Votive Candle) for Health and Remembrance
  8. Text-to-Give by simply texting: 202-899-7801
  9. Donate by check to Saint Sophia Cathedral 
  10. Investment Fund” account at “Merrill LynchDeliver Securities (for direct transfers of stocks)
  11. Wire Funds transactions (Merrill Lynch Ref.#8862) – Please notify the Cathedral Administrator at 202-838-1553, when transfer is complete in order to receive a donation receipt.
  12. Click Here to make a Capital Campaign Preserve and Protect Donation
  13. Click Here to make a Donation to our NARTHEX CAMPAIGN
  14. Click Here to make a Memorial Donation
  15. Take a picture of our QR code below and make a donation today.



If you are not already a steward of Saint Sophia, with open embrace of heart and soul, our Cathedral community welcomes you to join our spiritual family by becoming one. While stewardship, by definition, does not require a minimum contribution, please consider the annual operating budget of the Cathedral breaks down to $2,310 per steward, or just $6.33 a day. We ask you to search your innermost heart, and then please give what you can. You may remit by check, or online using our Faith Direct program (click HERE). If you need assistance, please call the Cathedral Administrator at 202-838-1553. THANK YOU!

Finally, whatever amount your heart and soul may move you to donate, please consider an additional voluntary “tithe” of 10%, or even more, on top of your gift of love. This, in addition to the above, will help offset the current financial losses incurred by the Cathedral during this time of deprivation caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis. THANK YOU!

I am profoundly grateful for your continued love and support. Stay safe, stay blessed.

Father Steve


Picture was taken during the time of crisis when we the faithful, who comprise the
Church Militantcannot be present at our posts to continue the struggle on behalf of our salvation, the Church Triumphantthe Saints, Martyrs and Angelic Hosts, have rushed in to take up the fight on our behalf.
“O Son of God…Who are wondrous in Your saints, we sing to You, Alleluia!”




Please click here to donate today!

TEXT-TO-GIVE by simply texting us at 202-899-7801

In addition to Faith Direct, Saint Sophia also offers two other convenient ways to make online donations via our “Investment Fund” account at “Merrill Lynch” Deliver Securities (e.g., for direct transfers of stocks) or via a Wire Funds transactions. (Merrill Lynch Ref.#8862) – Please notify the Cathedral Administrator at 202-838-1553, when transfer is complete in order to receive a donation receipt.

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For any assistance in making donations, please call the Cathedral office at 202-333-4730 and ask for Pete Panagiotopoulos or call him directly at 202-838-1553.


The information for donating in stock is as follows:

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral
36th St. NW and Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20007

Our brokerage account is with Merrill Lynch Electronic account, to transfer stock and donations into, is 7WD-04403 and the DTC # 8862

The tax id # if donor needs is 53-0204598

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Tax I.D. Number: 53-0204598