Divine Liturgy

“The Divine Liturgy is considered the most significant ancient Christian service, not so much for its phrasing and words as for its meaning. In fact, the Divine Liturgy was in practice right after the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples of Christ on the 50th day after His Resurrection, as the sacred writer of the Acts of the Apostles records (Acts 2:46 ff). ”  ~Rev. George Mastrantonis


We celebrate the Divine Liturgy every Sunday throughout the year, as well as weekday Liturgies for the major feast days.  Please see our Liturgical Calendar for specific times and dates.

Regular Worship hours begin at 8:30 AM for Sunday Orthros (Matins) and 10:00 AM for Divine Liturgy.

Requirements for Holy Communion

  • Baptism/Chrismation in the Orthodox Church
  • Participation in Holy Confession on a regular basis
  • Proper prayer and fasting prior to receiving Holy Communion
  • Good standing with the Orthodox church (e.g. have had their marriage blessed, if married, in the Orthodox Church)

(Please reference The Sacraments regarding the sacramental aspect of the service.)


From a theological perspective, participation in Holy Communion is an all-embracing event, presupposing full communion in doctrine and practice. As a result, Orthodox Christians are not permitted to receive Communion in any Protestant or Roman Catholic Church. Likewise, Protestants and Roman Catholics are not permitted to receive Holy Communion in the Orthodox Church.