Daily Meditations


1. In a grave they laid you yet, O Christ, you are life and they now have laid the Mother of Life as well: both to angels and to men a sight most strange!

2. We exalt you greatly, Theotokos most pure, and we glorify your holy Dormition now, as we bow before your honored precious tomb.

3. In your womb you held him who cannot be contained; you are life to all the faithful: how can you die, and your body be contained within a tomb?

4. You brought forth, Pure Maiden, God the heavenly King, and today in manner royal are carried forth to the Kingdom of the Heavens as a Queen.

5. Holy Theotokos, You have passed from this world, in departing not forsaking those left on earth, but delivering this world from every ill.

6. All the earth sings glory at your grave side, O Christ, with all reverence, O Master, we also praise the entombment of your Mother, ever Pure.

7. Overcome with wonder, are the angels in awe in beholding you, Pure Maiden, laid out as dead, for from you has Light beamed forth to all the world.

8. Maiden Pure and Spotless, and our Heavenly Queen, once again has God sent Gabriel down to earth with the joyful news that you have left this life.

9. Now the Bridegroom calls you, to rejoice, Bride of God, in a manner both divine and most beautiful in the Bridal Chamber, holy and divine.

10. You, O Virgin, come now to the throne seat of God where the awesome unapproachable Light shines forth from the Trinity, and lights where you repose.

11. From the earth departing, You appeared before God. You were not, O Theotokos, removed from God, nor has God been parted from His mother’s heart.

12. Your most honored Body, Theotokos, remained uncorrupted by decay as you lay entombed, but it passed with you to heaven from the earth.

13. Your all-holy face shines Purest Maiden, in death, and your countenance appears now as Paradise, breathing forth to all believers grace and life.

14. We your children offer lamentations and love unto you who are our Mother: accept our gift which we offer from the deepness of our souls.

15. Look upon your children who are gathered this day: may your honored eyes be open that you behold those who glorify with honor your repose.

16. To us grant your blessing when you open your lips O Most Holy Theotokos, departing now at the ending of your time upon the earth.

17. Leave us not as orphans when you leave us on earth, for, O Mother, you are taken to heaven now, to abide there with your Son and with your God.

18. Gathered ‘round your bedside, we are calling to you, our all-holy Virgin Mother, with fervent voice, “Save the faithful and have mercy upon us!”

19. Mother Anna, join us Come and stand in our midst! Come and lead the celebration of this glad feast of your holy daughter, Mother of our God!

20. Come and let us raise up praise and glory to God who has summoned to the Holy of Holies now one yet greater than the Holiest of Saints.

21. Filled with gladness, Heaven is receiving her Queen for the Mother of creation in glory comes and appears in glory, reigning with her God.

22. Now the God of Glory takes His mother to Him and the Son who has received you, O Purest One, has prepared for you a seat at His right Hand.

Glory to the Father and the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

23. Now unto the Father and the Holy Spirit we with gladness sound forth hymns, Word and God of all, and we glorify your countenance divine.

Both now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

24. Every generation comes to know you as blest, and your holy pure Dormition we glorify Theotokos, ever-Virgin, Sovereign Queen!

(Repeat Verse One)

In a grave they laid you yet, O Christ, you are life and they now have laid the Mother of Life as well: both to angels and to men a sight most strange!

~From the translation by Nancy Chalker Takis, www.newbyz.org; (http://www.newbyz.org/dormitionlamentations.pdf)