Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen! This week after Holy Week is called ‘Bright Week…’ also called Renewal Week, as in ‘to make new’ or ‘start over’.

Saint Sophia Cathedral
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Christos Anesti! 

Christ is Risen! 

Bright WeekA Week of Renewal 

This week after Holy Week is called ‘Bright Week…’ also called Renewal Week, as in ‘to make new’ or ‘start over’. 

“If Christ can turn death into life, what aspect of our lives cannot be transformed into glory? No matter how difficult life may be due to sickness, fear, or stress of any kind, all of these can be transformed and renewed in the Light of the Resurrection.” 

Bright MondayMake Today Different 

“…The day after Pascha is a very important day in your life! Why? Because it sets the tone for the rest of your year until next Lent…. today is the most critical Bright Monday we’ve ever had…. It’s back to home schooling kids, trying to manage work, home and them. Holy Week might have been a good diversion from the coronavirus news and collateral concern but those things will be right back front and center today…. When we sang “Let all things begin anew in the Light of the Resurrected Christ,” it didn’t mean that all of our problems got wiped out. It means that we have new lenses through which to see our challenges….” 

George the Great Martyr and Triumphant, 10:00 AM
Thursday, April 23, 2020  (Online Streaming Only)


Renewal Friday: Theotokos of the Life-giving Spring, 10:00 AM
Friday, April 24, 2020 (Online Streaming Only)


A Message from Maria Spanos

I am passionate about our Orthodox Christian faith and seek to help others learn as much as they can about it. My purpose here is to share online resources that help strengthen our relationship with Christ and bind us closer to His Church. I believe they are invaluable in learning about our precious Orthodox Tradition, and are a great aid for teaching family members, friends and others about Orthodoxy. ~Maria

Two of my favorite quotes:

“A true Christian behaves in this life so that it may be a preparation for the future one and not only a life here below. In his actions, he does not think what will be said of him here but of what will be said there in heaven; he represents to himself that he is always in the presence of God, of the angels and all the saints, and remembers that someday they will bear witness of his thoughts, words, and deeds.”  — Saint John of Kronstadt


Of all the holy works, the education of children is the most holy.”
— St. Theophan the Recluse